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Due to their origins being known and recorded, their 'faith' and 'religion' is more logical and fact-based than 'spiritual hope' of earth-religions

There's no stigma to sex (the act), sex (the anatomy), gender (the construct) or relationships like they're is on earth. There's even individuals whose job it is to adjust someone's physical sex to the gender they choose to be. As far as sex acts, the only real taboo is underage (which is less a specific year mark and more about body maturity.) They have no issue with 'non traditional' pairings because, should say, a gay couple wish it, they can head to the fertility shrine and one can become pregnant. There's also no real 'gender role' because of this. A male or a female can be a 'homemaker' just as easily as the main income maker.

As far as 'transgender' individuals and such, there are specific individuals who focus on working on the body, to the point they can manipulate the body to adjust their gender on the genetic level. This can also be done as vanity, altering and adjusting aspects of their anatomy to their liking.

Because of their natural 'herm' sex, transgender is very common, so there's no stigma at all.

Their tendrils (Barbels?) are seen as a sixth finger or second arm, reinforcing their base-twelve counting system. They also have the ability to 'interface' with another's brain via proximity and communicate in an almost telepathic way that is natural and second-nature to them. This communication is one-way. A Sarseian can 'send' a message via their tendrils, and it can be blocked or recieved by the other Sarseian. Since this is less 'speech' and more 'concept', there is no language barrier, but it is also far more difficult to be dishonest or secretive. It is much more difficult to give someone false information or hide your feelings for the individual, making it far more difficult to abuse the link. Also due to this link, it makes relationships much more intimate and far easier to determine if you get along with an individual than merely speech. It isn't used at all times because it requires the use of one tendril for each person in the conversation, as well as a physical closeness and trust so the individual will be willing to receive the message.

Due to their strong link to body energy, there has to be an existing positive relationship between two individuals for a pregnancy to have a good chance of even occurring, so pregnancy from rape and unwanted sex is almost unheard of.

Due to Sarseians' males ability to become pregnant, as well as their unique sexes, there are different words (with greatly different connotations) to denote the individiual who raises a child versus the individual who birthed the child as well as the 'father' (specifically the donor of the sperm) versus 'mother' (specifically the reciever of the sperm). They also have vastly different social expectations of what a 'man' and a 'woman' are. 'a man' refers to someone of masculine body type, rather than what genitals they have. 'a woman' refers to someone of feminine body type, likewise. They also have pronouns specifically for someone of indeterminate body type.

Due to this non-sex-stigmatized, sex-positive society and the breakdown of most social expectations of gender, there's no segregation of bathrooms or similar things. Their views on privacy also means that they do not have 'stalls' as such like earth society has today and bathrooms are typically communal and open. Seeing genitals is not stigmatized, and thus public nudity is not stigmatized. Clothing is used merely for protection, be it physical or environmental protection. They also thus have a different word for the room that contains the toilet from the room that contains the shower/tub.

Language-wise, for concepts they do not have words for, they create 'words' by taking the meaning or features of the concept and build a word based on words they already have. For instance if they did not have a room with a shower/tub AND toilet, then they'd use the word for 'room', the word for 'tub' and the word for 'toilet' and string them together, a bit like german technical documentation.

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Agriculture and Trade

List of Cities - Each resource per city

Agriculture: Food

Architecture: Lumber

Body Energy Artifact:


Culture/Art: Marble/Stone and Processed Stone



Medicine: Herbs & Medicine

Military: Metal & Weapons



Spiritual Artifact:

Religion and Customs

2. Spiritual Beliefs, Culture

2.1 Spiritual Beliefs

There has been a significant amount of physical evidence that the Sarseian people were brought into being a benevolent hyper-dimensional being. While the Sarseians do not believe this being to be 'God' in the traditional sense, they do revere him, despite him having never having contacted them. Because of this, there is no reason to believe they have evolved from anything naturally, as there is a marked period when there is no indication of a sentient group having lived on the planet.

Through the artifacts left for them to find they were able to glean a little information about the being that created them and how he did so. While they do not understand how to make use of the fragments of information they have found, and possibly may never understand how, they have used this information to further their own abilities and understand them better.

They believe, and have good evidence to support that the world itself, from the rocks, plants, wildlife, and even the sun is comprised of energy that ebbs and flows all around them, allowing them to pull energy in from these sources.

While Sarseians typically cannot see the auras that surround them, certain individuals have been able to train themselves to be able to see not only the situational aura, which changes based on mood and health, but the base layers of the aura and see the fine nuances that make up their energy fields.

Because of this information they were able to categorize each energy type and aura into colors and elements that coincide with each other. They are also able to tell precisely which energy a Sarseian needs to be truly healthy, which may or may not be the primary auric color. Using certain gemstones and rocks, they have been able to amplify or dampen the flow of energy to create an equilibrium when the individual may be struggling to do so themselves, allowing them to heal physically or mentally more readily.

Because they have no reason to merely have faith in a supernatural being, they have no true religion, nor do they have laws or commands passed down from said being. Each of their artifacts prove to them their origins, and their purpose of existence.

2.2 Clothing Styles

The Sarseian's sense of fashion and use of clothing is sparse, even more so in the warmer northern regions, and is comprised of light, loose materials, since their fur affords them protection from the sun and cold. In the north, materials are usually lighter or sparser to allow for better wicking of moisture, and blocking of sunlight without inhibiting airflow. Southern materials are usually thicker and block out the wind and insulate against the cold.

The style of wear is similar to a mixture of traditional Japanese and polynesian wear. Togas, body-wraps, kimono-style robes, hoods and ponchos to keep out the cold, and general wear, and sarongs and loose torso-garments to shield from the sun. Some may opt to wear nothing at all, as there is no stigma against doing so.

Jewelry is comprised primarily of gemstones, metal, bone, and stones, as well as leather, cloth, and metal. They are usually found as necklaces, piercings, rings and fur-ties. Leather-based protective garments have been used for hazardous jobs as well as metal for armor, though it is sparse.

All Sarseians have a great dislike for foot-coverings that prevent them from being in contact with the planet, as well as being in a location that prevents the flow of energy from reaching them. Some have felt a feeling of strong vertigo or detachedness while while being isolated.

2.3 Technology

Sarsei's technology is primarily centered around the Sarseian's needs as opposed to military and war. While the northern quarter is run by a military dictatorship, the vast majority of technological advancements have been made in the southern sections of the world, where every-day life is the focus, allowing one's overall quality of life to improve.

Overall, the Sarseians have a late victorian-era level of technology with a strong tendency toward steam and gear driven machinery. They have only recently discovered a stable method of generating electricity, and most of their research has gone into understanding their natural abilities.

Sarseians tend to adopt technology slowly, after thorough examination and experimentation. Much of their technology they have gleaned from the many artifacts around the world, and applying the knowledge they have gained while studying said artifacts to their every-day lives.

2.4 Homes and Cities

Cities are built around the artifacts around the world, so that all Sarseians who wish to live around the universities they have built may do so with little travel required. Homes are very naturalistic and resource-light, using brick, adobe, concrete and wood that will withstand the frequent seismic events. Rather than clearing an entire forest they still use manual methods of felling trees, and then replant the life they removed.

Sarseians prefer to live in closely knit groups within the city itself, and may opt to live in communal housing, though most choose individual housing within their groups.

Government and Law

2.5 Government and Law

Northern and southern governments are vastly different, though both follow a similar order in that each group supports a hierarchical structure where a group of individuals is governed by an elected individual from that group. If the city is large enough, a group of those individuals will form a committee, and an individual will be elected from that group to represent them on the city's council.

This hierarchy extends all the way to the world level, where individuals from each capital city gather to discuss world needs. These groups may also oversee peacekeeping officials or individuals who check the needs and wants of the general populace.

The groups in the south are not usually military-influenced, whereas the northern groups are usually run and funded by the military.

Crime is taken up into district, city, region, or world courts should the issue become so dire it needs to do so. As there is no organized religion, rarely do disputes arise about beliefs.

Each city with an artifact is considered the capital of the region and is the gathering place for people wishing to understand their abilities, wishing to broaden their understanding of unrelated abilities, or merely those looking for individuals with certain abilities.

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