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Sarseians (pronunciation here) are a felinoid race inhabiting the planet Sarsei. They are the only species on their planet with sentience, and thus are regarded as the native sentient race on the planet. They have roughly the same intelligence level as humans, although their knowledge differs in certain ways.

While not a descendant of Terran animals, they appear at a glance similar to Terran felines, but with significant differences. Aside from external genitalia, their sexual dimorphisms are quite subtle. Physically they are generally mildly weaker than humans, but of stronger constitution.

They exhibit what some may consider more animalistic habits and tendencies, simply because of their more beast-like anatomy.

Technologically they have advanced in a different direction than humanity, as they have embraced their natural affinity toward manipulation of the components of reality. While mechanically they are roughly in their second industrial revolution, they have made leaps and bounds ahead of humanity in terms of science due to their manipulation affinities.

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Synopsis of Sarseians

Regional differences (if any)

Physical description: including Head/Face, Eyes, Voice, Mouth/Tongue, Chest/Torso, Hands/feet/tail/extremities, Differences (if any) in locomotion, Age progression, Genitalia and Reproduction


Ecology and behavior: including Personality (Possibly subpage for abilities linked from here), Society, Hierarchies, Languages (if more than one), Sexual Dimorphisms, Sexuality, Family and childcare, Occupations

Weapons and Combat (maybe subpage?)

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