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There are a total of thirteen artifacts dotted around the world, two of which are linked allowing communication between the two. These artifacts have acted as gathering places and, because of this, the Sarseians have built cities and universities around each one.


Nestled in a crescent of cliffs and mountains, an aqueduct network has been erected here to keep the entire basin fertile, moist, and ready to be tilled. Anything and everything can grow here in the fringe of the tropical zone.


Atop a hill along the corridor bridge, a huge sprawling library built of white marble houses thousands of blueprints and designs for construction of anything from buildings to mechanical components.

Body Energy Artifact

A mecca of sorts, aligned to the poles, a set of rejuvenating pools, to control their energies, refill and refresh, cleanse their chi pools. Artificially made, descending pools (in chi order) lit from beneath, some have pedestals to sit and meditate on. Markings and diagrams for study, some are heated, some chilled. Waterfalls, bubbling pools, 'shower' style artificial rain on some. Sections that allow learning astral projection and telepathy. Platforms that augment natural abilities and slowly deteriorate their help to cause others to learn the ability themselves.


Radial parabolic dishes placed at the crest on either side of an almost impassable cliffside allow communication across the chasm over long distance.


A complex of chambers amidst the plains, laid out like classrooms stimulate and synergize the mind and the hand to allow increased focus and improved creativity, sometimes to the point of being able to create precisely what is envisioned in the mind.


Along the coastal cliffs, is an alcove overlooking the ocean and in the center of the alcove, a crystalline structure that improves male and female fertility, as well as boosting feelings of affection, love, and arousal.


In the center of a large desert is an oasis with a large garden with statues, three geothermally heated pool, and several statues. In the center is a large pair of naked Sarseian, one male and one female, the female pouring a jug containing weak wine over the male's body, which then flows into a fountain for visitors to drink.


Tube or chamber (or set of tubes/chambers) designed to promote healing and slow metabolism of diseased patients to allow more time for research and discovery of cures. Stasis pod can only be used infrequently (needs to recharge), thus forcing them to come up with medicine of their own to fill the gap.


A chamber that outfits one person a day with a super suit that enhances their strength, vision, elemental abilities and speed, but it degrades after one week, thus only allowing 12 Sarseians to be outfitted with the suit at one time.


Surrounded by a swampy valley, a humongous tree-colony that sprawls for miles, casting shade and bearing fruit, making the land surrounding the tree fertile and lush. In the center is a massive tree made up of thousands of individual trees.


A large, sterile complex that is highly technologically advanced allows research to be done concerning almost anything they can conceive. The technology instills wonder and comprehension from those who seek to find knowledge.

Spiritual Artifact

Atop the highest peak of Sarsei, near the equator, is a large observation dome with a huge telescope looking out into space. The utter silence and closeness to space allows the Sarseians to feel the unfiltered energies around them.